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I'm not the exaggerating type so when I say you have completely changed my quality of life, I really mean it.  For years, I suffered from digestive discomforts.  No doctor and no recommendations helped.  I sort of accepted these issues as part of my life's package.  When I came to see you, it seemed you knew exactly what was wrong, and you did! I can honestly say that on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst,  my symptoms of gas and bloating went from a 10 to a 2 within a day or so. I am forever grateful!"  I.E.

Your approach is very unique and all encompassing. I feel like I have someone to trust when it comes to my health and wellness." E.N. 

Nechama, you are a great coach. Since coming to you, I have completely changed what I eat and how I view food.  Its easier for me to eat healthy because I realize how much food really effects the body. Thanks! R.T.

Worth every penny! THANK YOU for your devotion and dedication!  G.C. 

 I cannot believe that my constipation is resolved!  Its been 2 years and I had tried everything before coming to you. Thank you for helping me so quickly! Y. H.